Diathermy for a Sparkling Complexion

Diathermy is a classic non-invasive treatment that’s perfect for clearing up small imperfections like spider veins and milia.

Fast and affordable, without the expense and down time of laser, it banishes areas of redness and helps you regain the clear complexion you thought was lost.

What is diathermy?

Red spider veins, sometimes known as broken capillaries, can crop up on cheeks and nose for all kinds of reasons – lifestyle factors, too much sun, or normal ageing.

Diathermy treatment involves running a tiny current of short-wave electricity just below the surface of the skin. This is applied via a fine, sterilised needle that is single-use only. The treated area gradually dies off, leading to the removal of the vein.

Treatment time is normally only about 15 minutes. The full benefits become visible in about two or three weeks – a more balanced skin tone and a clearer, fresher complexion.

Depending on the number of veins, multiple treatments may be needed.

Our in-house diathermy expert offers sound after-care advice to make sure you receive maximum benefits from the treatment.

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