Relaxation Therapy to Soothe Your Senses

Massage is a time-tested way to attain muscle softness, deep relaxation and inner calm. It warms up muscle tissue, releases tension and improves circulation. At Faceque we specialise in full body massage and relaxation massage that gently take the cares and stresses of the day away.

Take time out from your busy day to reconnect and regroup. In a candlelit room, soothing essential oils lull you into a state of tranquillity. Cares drop away, sore muscles soften. Relaxing music plays gently in the background to further becalm your senses.

Full Body Massage To Restore Wellbeing

Choose from a 20- or 30-minute massage for instant revitalisation, or a 60-minute full body massage to provide deep restoration. We also offer the choice of a traditional Swedish massage or aromatherapy-style relaxation massage.

Choose your favourite essential oils to be used in aromatherapy massage or ask us to mix a combination for you!

Book Your Massage Treatment Now

For more information on how Faceque massage treatments can promote wellbeing call us on 9481 2600 or book your next massage treatment online.