Sonophoresis Anti-Aging Facial Treatments in Northcote for a New Level of Skin Radiance

Sonophoresis provides an intense infusion of powerful vitamin-based serums deep into the skin. The result is a high level of smoothness, radiance and hydration. At Faceque Beauty, we offer this non-invasive hydrating facial treatment near Thornbury to help you achieve the fresh, younger-looking skin you’ve always wanted!

How Does Sonophoresis Work?

Using low-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, sonophoresis facial cosmetic therapy dramatically improves the absorption of powerhouse vitamin serums, as well as moisturisers and skin softeners. The vibrations cause small spaces to open between the skins cells. This results in improved penetration of ingredients and enables deep repair and reconditioning of the skin. Sonophoresis is said to be a thousand times more effective than traditional massage in the delivery of skin serums, making it one of the leading anti aging facial treatments in Northcote.

Our sonophoresis collagen treatment clinic near Thornbury also offers sonophoresis with microdermabrasion. Combining these two powerful processes dramatically revitalises the skin, reducing fine lines and pigmentation.

Sonophoresis Ultrasonic Facial Treatment for Advanced Skin Repair

At Faceque Beauty, our cosmetologist provides only Ultraceuticals sonophoresis treatments, delivering anti-oxidants that stimulate collagen and boost skin radiance. If you’re seeking a Skyendor anti-ageing treatment near Kew or Preston, we offer the below ultrasonic facial treatment options at our specialist skin clinic as excellent alternatives:

Vitamin C Infusion Facial

An intense boost of vitamins to promote new collagen formation, this Ultraceutical therapy near Fitzroy North is perfect for nourishing the skin.

Ultraceuticals Anti-Ageing Treatment

Our Ultraceutical anti-ageing treatment near Alphington is a powerful combination of sonophoresis and microdermabrasion that offers transdermal delivery of anti-ageing Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Book Your Sonophoresis Treatment Now

For more information on sonophoresis facial cosmetic therapy near Clifton Hill, or to enquire about costs, call Faceque Beauty today on 9481 2600 or book your next treatment online. Our professional skin care clinic is located conveniently in Northcote, close to other Melbourne northern suburbs such as Brunswick, Fairfield and Thornbury.