Stress-free Waxing from Expert Beauty Therapists

Waxing provides a level of long-lasting smoothness that is the essence of flawless elegance.

When it comes to waxing, trusted products and fully trained practitioners make all the difference to the quality of your experience – and that’s what we offer. At Faceque, your comfort and safety are our top concern.

Whether it’s full body waxing or a quick leg-waxing appointment, we’re so efficient you’ll be ‘beautifully bare’ before you know it!

And where Brazilian waxing is concerned, our highly skilled staff are so quick, we’re done in the blink of an eye! After your wax we use soothing tea tree oil to calm the waxed area.

We offer a choice of wax types depending on the treatment – hot wax for those sensitive areas or herbal strip wax that’s fragrance-free.

Waxing Treatment that Puts Your Wellbeing First

Unfortunately some in the industry double-dip, which can result in cross-contamination and infection.

At Faceque we’re fussy about hygiene. We never double dip, and use our spatulas only once.

We can also give you advice on ingrown hair follicles. We have a range of exfoliants and ingrown hair serums to help combat the problem.

Book Your Waxing Treatment Now

For more information on female and male waxing, including Brazilian waxing (female only) call us on 9481 2600 or book your treatment online.