Facial Skin Care that Defines Your Inner Radiance

Our facial skin care services reflect our beauty philosophy – to offer state-of-the-art treatments alongside the classic therapies that work best for our clients. You’ll be thrilled with the visible improvements!

Customised Facial Treatments

Repair, refresh, rejuvenate!

Our trained specialists know that no two people have the same skin type and skin concerns.

At Faceque, we build a custom treatment that is specific to your skin’s needs that goes beyond restrictive pre-set facial protocols.

Our pure active ingredients work to support, protect and restore your skin’s vitality with rejuvenating nutrients to refresh your skin from the inside out.

Our customised facials are formulated to help with:

  • Acne:  Reduce impurities from oily or dry breakouts, reducing active blemishes, opening pores, and calming congestion and inflammation
  • Redness:  Strengthen the most delicate of skins, calming, fortifying and restoring its balance
  • Dehydrated or dull skin:  Reinvigorate your skin, infusing hydration, moisture and glow back into your complexion
  • Reverse the aging process:  Revitalise pigmentation and environmentally damaged skin by stimulating collagen production to restore elasticity and improve circulation

Let us work together to find your perfect fit today!

Facial Care Products That Bring Out The Best In Your Skin

We believe in using facial care products that harness the skin’s own healing powers. That’s why we offer the choice of two of the most exciting, forward-looking brands available.

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