Gel Nails for Dazzling Elegance

Long-lasting gel nails continue to provide paramount nail transformation. Offering weeks of dazzling shine and a huge array of fashion shades, a gel manicure is still the gold standard for complete nail elegance.

At Faceque we use only Bio Sculpture Gel, an original non-fume nail gel range that offers flexible, natural-looking nails and all the benefits of gel but won’t harm the natural nail.

Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied directly to nails without the need for priming. Better still, it lasts for weeks without fading or chipping and can be used for nail extensions that won’t tear, break or crack.

Whether it’s clear, coloured or French style you crave, this nail treatment will make your friends gel-ous! And it’s great if you want to show off your toes during summer.

Gel or acrylic?

Acrylic nail treatments are a traditional way of sculpting nails. Acrylic liquid is mixed with powder and this is applied to the nail to create the required shape.

Gel polish offers a more natural look and a glossier finish. A gel manicure is considered safer and more environmentally friendly than acrylic as it does not damage the nail bed or emit harmful fumes.

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